Therapy Dogs

Sixteen years ago, I was happily able to reach a professional goal, by introducing my trained therapy dog into my clinical practice.  Unfortunalely, clients won't be able to meet my current therapy dog in person because of providing virtual services...but you can see her and say hi.

This was Ivy , a blue merle Australian Shepherd. She was an alert, intuitive and responsive therapy dog. Ivy was included in many children's sessions. She was dressed up in costumes, followed children's commands, fetched many a ball … With adults, Ivy was an ever present source of comfort and love. True to her breed, she lived her life to respond to my lead, so it was a great loss when she passed in 2008.

Fritz was trained to be a therapy dog since his adoption at 8 weeks old. He knew his job. He is a Standard (Party) Poodle, which means he was really smart, but also hypo-alergetic. Fritz had been my companion, well, really the "star", at parades, meetings, schools, community fund raisers, and, of course, in therapy sessions.

Ida Mae

Though now 10 years old, Ida Mae will always be a puppy in spirit. She is vibrant and very friendly. Though she is a large breed standard poodle, if you let her, she will curl up in your lap and stretch her long legs up around your neck.