Couples Therapy

Creating success in your closest, intimate relationship is often the most vital component in a person's sense of life fulfillment.

Key to this success is making the right choice in a partner who shares your values and is someone you can trust. It also means maintaining effective communication, and, when conflict occurs, that you and your partner find the courage and develop the tools to mange emotions and make compromises.

Unfortunately, these kinds of skills do not come naturally to many of us. We are not taught this in our schools, nor have our parents always modeled this. So, we often need some extra help to learn how to nurture our spouses, and, express our wants and needs in a way that does not evoke unresolved conflict.

Couples therapy can be extremely useful in learning and applying relationship skills. The longer conflict goes unresolved the harder it is to heal from resentments. I recommend couples choose to come to counseling early in their relationship to prevent or minimize unhealthy patterns of communication or behavior. Yet, also, it is never too late for change if both partners want resolution.